Whistleblower System

We warmly welcome you and would like to offer you the opportunity to report concerns about misconduct swiftly and easily. Your reports can relate to behaviors that affect either our company or the well-being of our employees and other affected individuals.

We place great value on transparency and integrity. Therefore, we ask you not to use the whistleblower system for false accusations and to refrain from knowingly passing on false information. We rely on your honesty and responsibility to ensure a trustworthy and constructive collaboration.

Your reports will be treated with strict confidentiality and can only be viewed by our external ombudsperson, because the protection of your identity and your privacy is of utmost priority to us. We encourage you to share your concerns openly with us. Together, we can help create a safe and fair working environment for everyone.

For more information on how your data is handled, please see our Privacy Policy. We place great importance on handling all of your information in accordance with applicable data protection regulations.

Your reports are invaluable in identifying potential issues early on and taking appropriate measures. We sincerely appreciate your commitment and contribution to improving our community. Thank you in advance for your dedication.